Code of Conduct
Posted Dec 20, 2016

Code of Conduct

Parent Resource Guide
Posted Jul 30, 2013

**Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information Sheet - Please download and review**


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How to determine the team age level of your player?

You may have heard someone say, "He will be playing at the U-11 team or level", or

even "The BU-11". All that means is that your player was Under 11 years old

before August first. So...BU-11, means a boys team under 11 years old.

In the link below you will find a 'soccer age chart' to help determine team level.

Please click here if you are registering for the 2014 - 2015 season which begins in the fall!

Code of Conduct

Parents/Guardians should understand that the main objective of our club is to provide an atmosphere of safe, recreational fun that includes positive examples for our children. The spirit of the game must always reflect good sportsmanship. Coaches, referees, and parents/guardians have a responsibility to promote this at practices/games.

-It is the duty of each player, coach, parent, and other persons in attendance at SMYSC activities to conduct themselves in a civil manner. Anyone who exhibits behavioral tendencies, which are detrimental to the enjoyment of the game for others, is subject to removal from the activity or suspension from SMYSC.
-All spectators will recognize the authority of the referees, coaches, and assistant coaches in maintaining the spirit of the game on the field of play prior to, during, and immediately following a game.
-Coaches will take proactive corrective action at any time when they observe any form of inappropriate behavior from any player, parent, spectator, or other party at any Club game or practice.